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When next day delivery isn't good enough

Same Day / Rush Services

Need it there now? When there is no time to waste call Yankee Courier Services. We offer immediate pick up and dedicated delivery. We can have a contract driver at your door within an hour. We have access to cars, mini-vans, full-size cargo vans, box trucks and straight trucks. We do not batch or hand off deliveries. All deliveries are delivered immediately after pick up in a dedicated vehicle. Call us today for a rate quote.

Route / Fleet Replacement Services

Are couriers essential to your core business? Tired of managing drivers, vehicle repairs and all the time and headaches that come with deliveries in general? If so, give Yankee Courier Services a call. Couriers and Logistics are our specialty. We will design a program that will save you time, money and headaches. It will also allow you to focus on your core business. Give us a call so we may design a program tailored to your needs.

Overnight Services

Missed the Fed Ex guy? Now what? Give Yankee Courier Services a call. We can pick up as late as 1:00am and still deliver anywhere by 6am, 7am, 8am or 9am. You tell us when, we will get it done. Call us today for a rate quote.

Distribution Services

Do not assume you are getting the best deal from an LTL carrier. Yankee Courier Services has access to a huge route network and extensive contract driver base with more flexibility than an LTL carrier. Why not utilize it! Yankee Courier Services will create and implement a distribution program tailored to your needs. We handle scheduled / regular pick-ups and deliveries, break-bulk shipments and fragile & heavyweight items. Give us a call so we may design a program tailored to your needs.

Temporary Services

Are you short a driver today? This week? This month? Let us cover the route for you. Yankee Courier Services can have a contract driver at your location within an hour. Call us today for a rate quote.

Technology and Information Reporting

Yankee Courier Services has invested thousands of dollars to build a state of the art information network. Real time information about each delivery is always available at the customer's request. A wide range variety of customer reports are available at a moment's notice. Our information network even has a routing module that assures your deliveries are routed in the most efficient manner.

Bar Code Scanning and Signature Capture System

Yankee Courier Services is pleased to offer a "state of the art" bar code scanning and signature capture system. This customized proprietary software allows for complete chain of custody throughout the entire delivery process. Call us for a product demonstration.

Call us today and let us earn your business!

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